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Waste Recycling 20

Venue and accommodation

Lecture Hall of PROMATECH Research Centre of Advanced Materials and Technologies, Watsonova 47/A, Košice will host the WR20 conference on December 7, 2017.

PROMATECH Lecture Hall


At present, Košice is well-known for its friendly and multicultural atmosphere. Historical centre, little lanes and corners invite the visitors for walks, terraces of cafés and restaurants offer enjoying the evenings in the city. Košice has become the European Capital of Culture for 2013

The first signs of inhabitance can be traced back to the end of the older Stone Age. The first written mention of the suburb can be dated back to the year 1230. Due to convenient merchant and strategic position, the Town of Košice grew quickly. The oldest guild regulations were registered from the year 1307. Košice was the first town in Europe to be granted its own municipal coat-of-arms by King Louis I the Great. Since 1347 until the beginning of 18th century, the Town of Košice has kept the position of the second city after Buda (current Budapest) in the monarchy. In 1657, due to economical, administrative and political importance of Košice, the first university was established.

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Participants may choose from variety of hotels in Košice using www.booking.com